Current job or role:

Willowcreek 5-8 Math and Social Studies Teacher

How long have you been in the role and industry?

I have taught 13 years and all but two of them have been at Willowcreek Elementary School.

How (or why) did you get into your current role or industry?

I began teaching because I enjoy working with kids and want to help them reach their potential.

What is the most difficult challenge of your role?

Currently there is a lot of emphasis placed on testing. Our kids are over tested and this causes undue stress and anxiety for many of them. This time could be better spent learning in a positive environment.

Why is your job rewarding?

Making individual connections with students and helping them achieve their goals is very rewarding. I love that I am able to have my students for multiple years and be able to build those positive relationships with them. 

What is your and/or your organizations greatest achievement in the last year?

We are in our third year of a platooning model at Willowcreek where students are able to rotate to classes instead of having a homeroom teacher. This has been a great opportunity for me, as an educator, to specialize and see student growth because I have students continuously for four years in math and social studies.

What major plans do you and your organization have for the upcoming year?

The Vale School District set a goal this spring to improve math performance district-wide and I look forward to working collaboratively with a team to help implement a plan to further meet the math needs of the students in our district. 

Advice to someone who wants to do what you do:

Education is extremely rewarding and at times very challenging. My advice is to get to know each student and find their strengths that make them unique. Also, it is important to always be looking for ways to improve.

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