Wild Violet corn

Residents of Treasure Valley will be the first consumers to experience a new, non GMO, nutrient rich sweet corn called Wild Violet, which will be premier at this year’s Kiwanis Chuck-wagon in Caldwell.

CALDWELL — The Kiwanis Chuckwagon, which runs today through Friday, is approaching its 70th year of presenting the Treasure Valley with local food. This year it is proud to feature Wild Violet, the first purple and white, high quality sweet corn in the world, developed by Crookham Company in Caldwell.

Sweet corn has always been a big part of the Chuckwagon as the event was started by George L. Crookham and Frank Lahr. George made sure the best sweet corn was served, as Crookham Company has one of the largest sweet corn seed banks in the world.

George W. Crookham, who currently runs the family business says, “There’s nowhere else on earth we could have developed this highly unique variety of Wild Violet, as the Treasure Valley is truly a treasure for the farming and production of seed.”

Residents of Treasure Valley will be the first consumers to experience this new, non GMO, nutrient rich sweet corn.

The Chuckwagon itself will be 70 years old in 2020. Local food and seed suppliers have supported the event over the years. In its early days, up and coming entrepreneurs like J.R. Simplot donated beef and potatoes and Darigold supplied ice cream.

“We are very proud of the home town friendliness of this event and we a have locally grown menu that gives it that old time Chuckwagon experience,” said Tracy Warfield from the Caldwell Kiwanis club. “Even the music at the Chuckwagon is locally grown musicians!”

The Caldwell Kiwanis Chuckwagon is a fundraiser to support educational programs in the Caldwell area.

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