What’s the scoop? Ice cream chain creates stranger buzz

Ontario Baskin Robbins employee Dawn Maxwell creates a Demogorgon Sundae early last week. The ice cream treat is one of several specials related to “Stranger Things” coming season that are available for a limited time at the ice cream shop.

ONTARIO — When people think summer, they often think about how nice it is to cool down with a cold treat. For most, the typical go-to is ice cream. Summer is also a time for blockbuster movies since most television series are in reruns until fall. Ontario’s local Baskin Robbins is serving up an answer to both of these issues with a cryptic message on its reader board announcing — Stranger Things are at BR 31. Upon further inspection, patrons of the ice cream seller will notice the advertisement as relating to the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Baskin Robbins has partnered with Netflix to offer up special edition menu items. Those craving frozen confections can treat themselves to one of several limited-time delights including the Upside Down Sundae and the Elevenade Freeze. Another important distinction to note is the temporary change to the standard Baskin Robbins Flavor of the Month format. The month of June includes two new flavors — both relating to the show — rather than just the customary one flavor.

“This is the first time Baskin Robbins has done two flavors of the month at one time,” said employee Dawn Maxwell.

This partnership to promote “Stranger Things” is a huge event. Several collector’s items are being offered including unique containers with scenes from the show offered to those purchasing hand-packed quarts. A special edition Funko action figure of Steve, one of the show’s main characters, is among other collectables.

In relation to this month’s limited-time flavors, Maxwell said, “If you’re gonna fall in love with a flavor of the month, get it while you can.”

The third season of Stranger Things premieres on July 4, and with the premiere Baskin Robbins will continue the promotion. This will include another limited-edition flavor and more exclusives throughout the month of July. While the specifics are being kept under wraps, one can bet it will be a fun experience for everyone.

So be sure to check out the stranger ice cream happenings for yourself.

GRIFFIN HEWITT is a news reporter writer at The Argus Observer. He can be reached at (541) 823-4814 or griffinh@argusobserver.com. To comment on this story, go to www.argusobserver.com.


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