Current job or role:

I am in my third year at TVCC as the Industrial Manufacturing Instructor.

How long have you been in this role and industry?

I have been involved in the manufacturing industry for most of my life.

How (or why) did you get into your current role or industry?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Systems and real world experience maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating machinery.

What’s the most difficult challenge of your role?

Time. Manufacturing is growing a lot. It is hard to keep up with all the changes and highly automated systems.

Why your job is rewarding: I love to learn about how things work. I enjoy working with students to help them understand how to simplify a complex piece of machinery.

What is your and your organization’s greatest achievement in the last year? The grant for the new Career Technical Education building. I am excited for the future opportunities students will have because of this.

What major plans do you and your organization have for the upcoming year? Grow the Industrial Manufacturing program. The skills that can be learned in the program will qualify students for good local jobs and strengthen manufacturing and automated industries in our area.

Advice to someone who wants to do what you do: Take advantage of opportunities to learn about machinery and control systems. Go to college in a hands-on related field.

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