The past few weeks at Treasure Valley Community College have been filled with events and activities which gave us a chance to connect with students and the community, and that’s what I had planned to share with you this week. While I’ll share a few thank yous at the end of this, I first want to provide a little more information on what’s happening with our nursing program.

As you may know, our nursing program has had some changes with the recent resignation of the program’s director this week. Our primary concern is ensuring our program is meeting the standards set by our accrediting and oversight boards, including the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN), and making sure our students and faculty are supported through yet another change.

TVCC has been working closely with OSBN to demonstrate and document our efforts to ensure our faculty are experienced, prepared and ready to teach nursing students.  It’s true OSBN has been clear and direct in their expectations for TVCC, but their efforts have been focused at making sure our students get a quality education. We share the same goal. And while it’s not required of OSBN, I can tell you they have been supportive and patient through this process and this transition.

Last week we had a visit by OSBN to see what we are doing. Along with some additional areas of improvement, we also received some welcome reassurance that we really do have incredible faculty and they are doing a good job. Most importantly, it’s gratifying to hear that our students are feeling supported and are excited about their instruction. And while we move forward, I am reminded of the incredible dedication and tenacity shown by our current and previous nursing faculty. Their legacy is a strong, resilient and competent nursing program with expert curriculum and community service at its core.

It is humbling and gratifying to see the strong relationships that have been forged for almost 60 years in this community because of TVCC’s nursing program, and because of so many incredible nursing faculty and nursing administrators we’ve had over the years.

Today, I’m especially appreciative of Brianne Haun’s willingness to step into the Executive Director role on an interim basis. This is a big job.  Along with Brianne’s expertise, we are so fortunate to have Michelle Clapperton and Amber Smith as fulltime nursing faculty. I’m also so grateful for the many adjunct instructors who help our students grow and improve as they learn skills in clinical settings.  As always, we are still looking for great nursing educators who have a passion for teaching. If you know someone who has a masters degree in nursing, please send them our way.

Simply put, TVCC’s nursing program will continue. It’s too important to TVCC, our students, our community and to our healthcare partners.  

We are committed to this program. We will keep focused on continuing to provide a high-quality program for students. That’s my promise to you.

Dana Young is president of Treasure Valley Community College. The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily represent those of The Argus Observer.

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