On May 6, about 35 cars showed up at the Ontario High School stadium parking lot in the evening. Family and friends of Harriet Harrison, pictured here in the pink and white shirt, decked out their cars for a “surprise birthday bash parade” on the day of her 80th birthday. “We were so happy with the turn out,” wrote her granddaughter Kami Henricks in an email. “We handed out 80 pink roses to every car so they could safely pass them to Harriet as we passed by to shout ‘Happy Birthday.’” Harrison’s daughter, Lori, played the “Happy Birthday” song from her car radio speakers. “My Grandma was SO surprised and even cried she was so happy to see all her friends and family,” wrote Henricks. “My Grandpa and Grandma are very active people who LOVE to get out and do fun things. Going to watch local sporting events especially! This pandemic has had them cooped up in the house so it was nice to do this for her. Harriet and her husband, Veryl Harrison, have lived in Ontario more than 50 years.

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