As I wrote this article, I wanted to convey that TVCC is open and we are here for you! 

As a result of Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order and COVID-19, Treasure Valley Community College along with the other 16 Oregon community colleges have been busy more than ever to share information and collaborate together as we looked for solutions and the best options for continued and uninterrupted services for students as we finished finals week and prepared for spring quarter. 

In accordance with Brown executive order, community colleges are prohibited from conducting in-person classroom, laboratory, and other in-person instruction from March 21, through April 28. I know this was a difficult decision for our governor, and I applaud her for making the welfare and safety of our communities a high priority to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As we navigate through these changes on how we do business over the next several weeks. I want to assure you, TVCC is open and we are here for you! 

TVCC’s administrative team remain diligent to stay informed of the outbreak of the virus and will routinely communicate facts, preventive measures and possible impacts to our employees, students, and community. Our plan moving forward is that TVCC will remain open with critical and limited on-campus operations and services functioning while strictly adhering to the social distancing requirements. 

Our faculty and staff are superstars! They are to be commended for going above and beyond to make sure classes that cannot be offered face to face are prepared to be delivered virtually and ready for the start of spring quarter. Students are continually contacted with updates, technology and equipment are ready for online and virtual access, and there will be no delays in our support services. This has been a heavy lift that was required by all employees in a short time! Thank you!

Although this is a time of uncertainty, it is also a time for possibilities and creative thinking. Did you know that ceramics can be offered virtually? This might also be the right and best time for those individuals who are working from home to register for a course in personal enrichment or for college credit. We are here for you! From Business 101, computer fundamentals, and science to zumba, yoga and lifetime fitness, TVCC is ready to serve you! I encourage you to check out what TVCC has to offer and “do something today that your future self will thank you for tomorrow.” 

Spring term begins March 30! Courses are only 11-weeks long and are offered virtually or online. A virtual course occurs at a specified time. Students attend and participate, as if it were an in-person class, but via Zoom (a virtual conferencing application). Online offerings mean you can attend at any time that works with your schedule.

Special thanks to our community and students for your patience and support as we forge ahead. We will continue to keep everyone updated in the event of any changes to college services and operations at

Dana Young is president of Treasure Valley Community College. The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily represent those of The Argus Observer.

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