ONTARIO — Every month at Aiken Elementary they focus on a different character trait; during the month of December students learned about compassion.

Aiken students learned what compassion looks like and what it means to be compassionate in school, home, and their community.

The teachers and staff at Aiken looked for students that continually demonstrated compassionate behaviors.

Ontario School District Board Member Matt Stringer joined staff and teachers last month to assist them in passing character trait awards to students.

A list follows of a few of the Aiken Elementary students who demonstrated those compassionate behaviors:


Mayra Pelayo’s Class: Nicholas Milburn, Isabella Larios-Arreola

Justine Segura’s Class: Antonio Garza, Eizley Silveira

First Grade:

Missy Chambers’ Class: Andrew Parras, Noah Martinez

Kelly Grindle’s Class: Johnathon Mair, Mia Gordillo

Second Grade:

Mindy Shrum’s Class: Liam Quintero, Hailey Grothaus

Sara Lee’s Class: Adrian Garza-Lopez, Ahveyah Carrasco

Third Grade:

Mandee Evans’ Class: Julian Kygar, Esperanza Almaraz

Mollie Weiss’ Class: Layla Rico, Aleciram Canedo Cazares

Fourth Grade:

Candace Zugner’s Class: Angel Roldan, Kelsey Davis

Patty Eidson’s Class: Aaliyah Parra, Buddy Madron

Fifth Grade:

Jennifer Johnson’s Class: Jacob Rodriguez-Lopez, Chase Loscalzo

Heidi Cooper’s Class: Neily Vasquez, Mauro Lopez

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