ONTARIO — Every month at Aiken Elementary, teachers and staff focus on a different character trait. During the month of October, students have been busy learning about responsibility. This includes what responsibility looks like and what it means to be responsible in school, home and our community.

Teachers and staff look for students who have continually demonstrated responsible behaviors during the month of October.

Following are a few of Aiken Elementary School’s most responsible students


• James Reeser and Haddie Mejia, of Mayra Pelayo’s class; and

• Alexis Carbajal and Kylie Baune-Smith, of Justine Segura’s class.

First Grade

• Aaliyah Moreno and Zoe Ruiz, of Missy Chambers’ class; and

• Sawyer Apodaca and Johnathon Mair, of Kelly Grindle’s class.

Second Grade

• Mercer Thornfeldt and Natalie Conchas Ponce, of Mindy Shrum’s class; and

• Bentley Hardin and Jessica Grindle, of Sara Lee’s class.

Third Grade

• Daphne Bolley and Natalia Ruvalcaba Torres, of Mandee Evans’ class; and

• Lily Naughton and Taylor Villanueva, of Mollie Weiss’ class.

Fourth Grade

• Jose Galan and Charlee Evans, of Candace Zugner’s class; and

• Edgar Carvajal and Maya Cerezo-Cid, of Patty Eidson’s Class.

Fifth Grade

• Lily Madron and Martin Guzman-Roman, of Jennifer Johnson’s class; and

• Eliana Sierra and Taylor Heninger, of Heidi Cooper’s Class

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