wayne ferrell

wayne ferrell

wayne ferrell commented on Some try to recall mayor, 3 councilors

I'm guessing it has something to do with pot. Does it?

wayne ferrell

wayne ferrell commented on Dispensary to open Friday in Huntington

Huntington is doing a great service for many people in the lower Snake River Valley and as this business starts generating tax revenue I predict that Ontario, Nyssa, Vale, Adrian will have a change of heart about allowing pot sales as approved by Oregon voters.

wayne ferrell

wayne ferrell commented on Ontario 3rd to initiate pot ban

When prohibition was repealed in the early 1930's many counties remained dry and a few still do to this day. It is an inconvenience for those who wish to drink to drive to a neighboring county to buy alcohol. Marijuana will be easy to come by in Malheur County because anyone who wishes to c…

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