You should check with immigrations too on this one. I bet money he's here illegally as well.

If we only would have built that wall 21 years earlier. [wink]

Liberals believe everything they hear, even though it isn't fact. And that my friends, is a fact!

Sumunelse commented on Socialism: The true gospel of greed

And the know it all strikes again. Is there anything you don't think you know, or choose not to comment on? The majority of Americans disagree with you obviously. Otherwise, Trump wouldn't be the president. And mark my words. "He will be elected again". And it will be the cause of all the…

Sumunelse commented on Man keeps stealing from gas station

Ummm.. This guy has some brass b@lz doing that in Payette. Most all residents are packing heat, as it is legal to do so. Permit or not. And, for once I agree, there should have been at least one camera rolling.

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.... Am I the only one wondering why Mr. Denitus hasn't commented on this yet? I thought I needed to give my opinion on everything at one point in my life too. Then I graduated high school. [wink]

No one is "ripping" families apart. Illegal is exactly what it is: ILLEGAL. How hard is that to understand? This isn't rocket science people. Do you really believe the United States can handle that many people just waltzing across the border? Especially, not even knowing who t…

Moving from state to state isn't an invasion you dolt! Moving from any country to another is not an invasion either. Storming a border with intent to "illegaly"push your way through is an invasion. In fact, that is the very definition on invasion. Same concept of me entering yo…

Sumunelse commented on We need more youthful politicians

Yeah Craig. Thats what we need. A bunch of Tide pod eating, condom snorters to become politicians. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

[thumbdown] Sure, Mr. "I've never used it, but I know all about it". That's like saying, "I've never eaten sushi, but its horrible". You won't change anyone's mind with your opinion. Especially not being educated on the subject you are all against. NEXT!