Random_Oregonian101 commented on City of Ontario seeks bigger bite of pot pie

Guys, little bit of clarity is needed to this article: Malheur County had a high *PER CAPITA* sales rate (for the record from KGW8 Ontario sold $20.2M in pot in 2019 with 14.1M of that in the last 3 months of the year, if that rate continued we would sell $1750 per capita a year *IN A TOW…

It would be useful if this story was edited a bit as all of the comments on Facebook point out the following errors: cities cannot charge a tax on medical marijuana dispensaries, cities cannot charge a tax on medical or recreational processing facilities, cities cannot charge a tax on med…

Random_Oregonian101 commented on Private sector investment fuels drug development

Nothing says I am not a corporate interest that has posted this to multiple papers like an overly vauge introduction. (This person was apparently an RN in Houston, does not live here, and posted this "opinion" to at least two sources so far...)

It tends to be people on the right who say this but having freedom of religion (or speech) does not mean you are free from the consequences of your actions. If people want to boycott you because you support groups that they label anti-LGBT then it is totally within their rights in a capit…

Random_Oregonian101 commented on Unprecedented way to approach impeachment

You've got to love the heritage foundations strict adherence to what it's rollers say it should say. It's as if the impeachment of Bill Clinton (voted on near Christmas by people now decrying how close to Christmas Trump's impeachment is, for lying to Congress after it started as a real e…

What could go wrong?? We're involving debt, state government, AND Union Pacific on a land deal currently valued less than the purchase price. 😒

Random_Oregonian101 commented on Report cards show how local schools are trending

Note at the time of posting the link to see the data isn't working

Random_Oregonian101 commented on Reload center gets OK for funds to buy land

(For anyone else who wants to read about what it is that business Oregon offers: https://www.orinfrastructure.org/Infrastructure-Programs/SPWF/ The bit that should stand out is the grants are limited to $50,000 or 80% of the total cost whichever is lower and financing is available up to $…

Random_Oregonian101 commented on Reload center gets OK for funds to buy land

There seems to be a very blatant falsehood here, specifically calling it a grant which is something that does not have to be paid back as quoting from Oregon "The Special Public Works Fund provides low-cost financing to eligible municipalities for planning, design, and construction of uti…

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