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Mikhail LeBow

After they were cut out, the stars were affixed to a cut-out circle, as pictured here.

Information on the back of the circles the weathered stars are affixed to acknowledges the service of U.S. veterans.

Wolverines line up to work on their club-and-rip technique, before running 5 more yards to hit a tackle dummy during the youth football camp.

Little Wolverines compete against each other in the Oklahoma drill, utilizing blocking pads and flags on Aug. 2.

A group of Little Wolverines learn ball security during the second day of the Weiser High School Youth Football Camp.

Youth Joe Hanthorn hits the padded tackle wheel with enough force to knock his glasses off during the second day of the youth football camp on…

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Youth participants practice snapping, along with blocking out of the snap during the football camp on Aug. 2.

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Youth participant practices positional blocking against sophomore Xander Gray at the youth football camp on Aug. 2.

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