Three times in a week I've found myself eye to eye with you. How about that?

How about that, we found some common ground in our fondness of Wendy's. I tend to disagree that Ontario needs more convenience stores. Fishing licenses can be had at Bi-Mart, Outdoorsman, and frankly I don't know where else because those are probably the only two places I've ever bought o…

I never said that you're stupid, I said you lack understanding. What difference is it to you if they do well or not? Capitalism, just like nature, will thin the herd. If anything by restricting the industry the way it has been the ones that made it have a better chance, no? Imagine no buf…

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It's a stock photo, get real.

You seem to have a basic lack of understanding for the timeline on any of this, despite having had it explained to you not only by the very newspaper you're reading but by myself and others. The ballot to allow retail sales in Ontario passed at the end of last year. NOTHING happened until…

They can transport through Idaho with a permit issued from the state.

5 people are mad their water bill is going to go down? Makes sense.

This is pretty funny, and a good point.

I'm asking you, don't much care what Remington thinks. At what point do you suppose adults should take responsibility for themselves and their own actions vs living in a nanny state?

So are gun manufacturers responsible for all of the mass shooting deaths we see across the country every day?