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Neither county newspaper wants to investigate the elephant in the room, and that is how many students are leaving their home districts to attend other county schools. And why? Each student means $8-10,000 in revenue for a district, so one would think districts would be interested in why s…

Another idea commented on Church opens Christian school

Are the teachers and administrator certified for their positions?

Another idea commented on Tigers bring back homecoming parade

It’s more like 20 years since the last homecoming parade, but still a good move to bring it back. Laurie Grim would be a good source to ask about how long ago parades were stopped. How about the bonfire?

Another idea commented on Lawmakers walk out

Definitely. Moving to Idaho would not have helped the situation in Vietnam. Very perceptive.

Another idea commented on Lawmakers walk out

Why don’t you just move to Idaho? The reverse is true in their legislature.

Abby must be auditioning for the vacant Sarah Sanders job. The Argus needs to contact the State Board of Nursing for the real story. 

Next year first year students had better be looking somewhere else because TVCC isn’t going to recover from this.

Why not have an Argus reporter visit with each superintendent in Malheur County to get the number of other district’s students attending in their district? This would give patrons a more realistic idea of the state open enrollment law, and how it’s affecting their district.

It would be interesting to know how many Ontario students transfer to other districts. What is the district doing to mitigate those defections? Do they interview the families to find out the reasons for leaving?

Another idea commented on The Hollywood Elitists

Nice try Rudy. Even though the headliners in this scandal are Hollywood elites, don’t be so quick to count them as liberals. The vast majority of these wealthy folks implicated in the indictments are business leaders and CEOs of corporate America; hardly a bastion of liberalism. In fact, …

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