WESTERN TREASURE VALLEY — On Tuesday, September 7, Weiser and Fruitland High Schools met to compete for a men’s and women’s conference soccer game. The men’s game was hosted at Weiser High School, whereas the women’s game was hosted in Fruitland, at the Fruitland Middle School fields. The Weiser men’s team managed to defend their home field, winning their game, 9-0. In relation, the Fruitland women’s team was able to defend their home turf by winning their game, 8-1.

The Lady Grizzlies happened to score a plethora of goals in the first half of their conference contest. Fruitland junior Abbi Roubidoux (3) had a game for the memories, earning a hat trick and more as she managed to score a total of five goals, in addition to gaining one assist. Sophomore Riley George (6) was able to add a couple goals of her own, scoring two on the night, whereas senior Faith George (14) tallied another point for the Grizzlies by scoring one goal, in addition to earning three assists. In relation, sophomore Sophia Gibb (17) was able to spread the ball out to earn two assists of her own. Junior goalkeeper Madelyn Hardy (23) earned six saves in the victory over the Wolverines.

With the combined performances from the Lady Grizzlies, they advanced further into their season with an undefeated record. They’re currently ranked first in the district with a 5-0 record, 3-0 in conference record. They will continue through their season with their game versus Ontario High School on Saturday, September 11, whereas the Lady Wolverines will advance to play McCall-Donnelly Thursday, September 16.

The Wolverines men’s soccer team managed to control the momentum of the game, allowing them to win, 9-0. The Wolverines managed to spread the ball around the field during Tuesday’s game versus Fruitland, allowing six separate Wolverines to score a goal. Senior Wolverine, Edgar Torres (13), got things started for Weiser by scoring the first goal of the game in the 7th minute of the first half. Torres managed to earn two goals throughout the game, earning his second in the 55th minute. Junior Brian Munoz (8) and senior Ben Johnson (12) were, each, able to score two goals of their own, whereas senior Marcos Tarelo (10) and senior Pablo Hernandez (14) were able to add to the Wolverines’ lead with a goal of their own. Senior Alfonso Hernandez (11) managed to score a goal, in addition to earning two assists in the game.

With the combined efforts from the Wolverines, they were able to come out of the game with the victory, 9-0. The Wolverines will progress in their season with a 3-1-1 record, three wins, one loss, and one tie, with a 2-0 record in conference. Weiser will continue the season with their game versus Sun Valley Community School on Saturday, September 11, whereas the Grizzlies will advance to play Ontario on Saturday, September 11, as well.

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