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Boys basketball

Adrian 71 at Harper 16

The Antelopes (11-10, 5-3 HDL) will host Prairie City on Friday. The Hornets (5-11, 2-7 HDL) will advance to the district tournament.

Girls basketball

Adrian 47 at Harper 31

The Antelopes (8-14, 5-2 HDL) will host Prairie City on Friday. The Hornets (5-11, 2-6 HDL) will advance to the district tournament.

Baker 41 at Vale 28

The Vikngs (14-7, 9-0 EOL) will host Burns on Saturday.

WIC District Tournament

New Plymouth 47, Nampa Christian 44

The Pilgrims (18-6) have qualified for the state tournament, which starts on Feb. 20 at Kuna High School.


Weiser 57 at Fruitland 25

113: Kolton Farrow (Fruitland) over Rafael Delgadillo (Weiser) (Fall 1:30)

120: Conor Marsh (Weiser) over Arik Haro (Fruitland) (Fall 3:43)

126: Justin Williamson (Weiser) over Haden Tamura (Fruitland) (Fall 1:20)

132: Ander Barbot (Weiser) over Kaedon Galloway (Fruitland) (Fall 4:00)

138: Kooper vonBrethorst (Weiser) over KJ Dullanty (Fruitland) (Fall 4:34)

145: Brandon Stowe (Fruitland) over Matthew Morris (Weiser) (Dec 9-6)

152: Austin Sargent (Fruitland) over Maddox Stevens (Weiser) (Fall 1:46)

160: Boone Ksiazek (Weiser) over Ethan Skelly (Fruitland) (Dec 5-3)

170: Malachi Hoobery (Weiser) over Carter Stowe (Fruitland) (Fall 3:54)

182: Stetson Beesley (v) win via forfeit.

195: Rylee Willet (Weiser) over Mark Chruch (Fruitland) (Fall 0:56)

220: Greg Gissel (Fruitland) over Jesse Lockett (Weiser) (Fall 1:58)

285: Elijah Carter (Weiser) over Brody Holaday (Fruitland) (Fall 1:42)

98: Ezra Clemens (Fruitland) over Bobby Nevarez (Weiser) (Fall 0:52)

106: Kolby Rau (Fruitland) over Arron Despain (Weiser) (MD 12-1)

New Plymouth 61, Ridgeview 21

98: Caleb Shaw (NP) over Isaac Oviedo (Ridgeview) (Fall 3:47)

106: Riley Lundy (NP) over Perla Alvarado (Ridgeview) (Fall 1:27)

113: Mossy Waite (NP) win via forfeit.

120: Kyle Rice (NP) over Ethan Miller (Ridgeview) (Fall 2:30)

126: Garrett Self (Ridgeview) over Sam Lettunich (NP) (Fall 4:36)

132: Grant Ethington (NP) over Koleton Scheffler (Ridgeview) (MD 12-2)

138: Trent Myers (NP) over Dylon Fehrs (Ridgeview) (Fall 3:50)

145: Dylan Forrest (Ridgeview) over Nathaniel Nesbitt (NP) (Dec 3-2)

152: Hsee Hsee (NP) over Dalton Trevino (Ridgeview) (SV-1 7-5)

160: Hunter Beus (NP) over John Hubof (Ridgeview) (Fall 1:30)

170: Josiah Campbell (NP) over Austin Bradley (Ridgeview) (Fall 0:57)

182: Treyson Hoagland (Ridgeview) win via forfeit.

195: Dominic Gutierrez (Ridgeview) over Brock Winward (NP) (Fall 2:27)

220: Caiden Cutburth (NP) over Demond Portis (Ridgeview) (Fall 1:07)

285: Hunter Williams (NP) over Massimo Valle (Ridgeview) (Fall 1:01)

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