Boys basketball

McLoughlin 61 at Ontario 45

The Tigers were unable to keep the pace up with a fast-shooting Pioneers squad Saturday afternoon. In the opening half, McLoughlin players made eight of 15 three-pointers as the Tigers fell behind 40-24 at halftime.

The Tigers were able to get some good offense going in the fourth quarter, with Sawyer Elizondo making a pair of three-pointers to cut it to a single-digit game with under two minutes to play, but the Pioneers were able to kill the clock and take their win.

With La Grande beating Baker on Friday night, Saturday’s game couldn’t affect the GOL standings, Ontario coach Kevin Attila used his whole roster through the game.

Eli Morin led the Tigers with 14 points, while making four of seven three-pointers. Sawyer Elizondo scored 10 points.

The Tigers played Saturday without senior guard Olee Shell.

The Tigers (5-17) will play at McLoughlin on Tuesday in the GOL District Tournament quarterfinals.

Girls basketball

Ontario 54, McLoughlin 34

The Tigers recorded their highest point total in league play Saturday with a rout of the Pioneers. The Tigers’ season-high in scoring was 62 points in a win at Homedale in December.

Brenna Vogt led the Tigers with 14 points, making four of eight three-pointers. Lexi Navarrete scored 10 points, all in the first half.

Like their male counterparts, the Tigers played their full rotation Saturday as the outcome could not affect the GOL standings. As a result, the Tigers were able to get 10 of their 11 available players to score at least one point, with Kara Matsumura and Rylynn Grimm both scoring in the final minute of the game.

Due to sickness and other engagements, the Tigers were without senior guard Jazmine Ware, junior post Isabelle Esquivel and junior guard Amy Hernandez in Saturday’s game.

The Tigers (5-19) will host McLoughlin on Tuesday in the GOL District Tournament quarterfinals. .


4A-SD4 District Tournament (Madras HS)

Team scores:

1. La Grande, 376.5

3. Ontario, 196

Local placers:


Fourth-place match: Froylan Santiago (Ontario) over Izake Sanchez (McLoughlin/Weston McEwen): Fall, 4:17

Fifth-place match: Froylan Santiago (Ontario) over Alijah Huerta (Ontario): Forfeit


Fourth-place match: Trevor Tidwell (Baker/Powder Valley) over Gabriel Barrera (Ontario) (RULE)


Fourth-place match: Dalton Ford (Sisters) 22-8 won in sudden victory - 1 over Marcos Grijalva (Ontario) 28-12 (SV-1 9-8)


Third-place match: Trey Trejo (Ontario) 26-11 won by decision over Cole Isaacson (La Grande) 23-13 (Dec 9-7)


First-place match: Colton Anderson (Baker/Powder Valley) 43-11 won by decision over Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) 32-8 (Dec 7-2)

Third-place match: Kyle Wulf (Ontario) 27-13 won by injury default over Alex Kehr (La Grande) 20-15 (Inj. 0:45)


4th Place Match - Brody MacMillian (La Grande) 20-14 won by rule over Jaden Schepp (Ontario) 24-13 (RULE)


Fourth-place match: Brandon Rodriguez (Ontario) 22-18 won by rule over Seth Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) 8-19 (RULE)


Fifth-place match: Kassius Gonzalez (McLoughlin/Weston McEwen) 19-17 won by fall over Ruben Chavez (Ontario) 19-11 (Fall 4:54)


Fourth-place match: Austin George (Ontario) 2-17 won by rule over Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) 5-15 (RULE)


Fourth-place match: Rafael Pereyda (McLoughlin/Weston McEwen) 6-15 won by fall over Fernando Gastelum (Ontario) 2-16 (Fall 0:33)


First-place match: Robert Plympton (Corbett) 26-5 won by fall over Johnny Vega (Ontario) 17-17 (Fall 2:56)


Fourth-place match: Lucien Yervasi (Baker/Powder Valley) 22-26 won by fall over Cristeon Rodriguez (Ontario) 15-23 (Fall 3:10)


First-place match: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) 38-10 won by fall over Elizar Ramirez (Ontario) 14-11 (Fall 2:15)


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