HOMEDALE — Yesterday, on Tuesday, September 14, the local teams of the Snake River Valley, SRV, conference traveled to Homedale Middle School to participate in the SRV cross-country meet. The SRV meet is extremely similar to the district meet the conference will host at the end of the year to decide what athletes will represent the conference at the state competition. The SRV meet is, in a way, a precursor to the district meet. It’s an opportunity for the athletes to showcase their ability, in addition to having the opportunity to scout their inner conference opponents.

The Fruitland Grizzlies, as a team, managed to place first in the men’s competition, with 25 points, and third in the women’s, with 60 points. The Grizzlies senior Emma Hillam happened to, individually, win the race with a time of 19:22.38. The Grizzlies other top performers were freshman Sybil McGinnis, who placed ninth with a time of 24:14.27, and senior Mackenzie Malson, who placed 16th with a time of 25:44.76.

For the men’s team, they managed to place three athletes in the top five, as well as five athletes in the top ten. The Grizzlies top performers were sophomore Ethan Starr, senior Colton Sams, and junior Israel Norris. Starr managed to place second place with a time of 18:11.99. Sams was able to place third with a time of 18:31.04, who was, subsequently, followed by Norris who placed fourth with a time of 18:33.47.

The Weiser Wolverines, as a team, was able to place second in the women’s competition with 49 points, whereas the men’s team happened to place fifth with 112 points. The Lady Wolverines top performers were junior Kylee Quinton, sophomore Kendall Rynearson, and senior Libbie Rynearson. Quinton managed to place second, overall, with a time of 19:34.78. She was directly followed by her teammate K. Rynearson, who was able to place third in the meet with a time of 21:28.67. Additionally, L. Rynearson was able to place 14th with a time of 25:21.70.

The Wolverines top performers for the men’s team were senior Colyer Chandler, sophomore Eli Woods, and senior Colton Foster. Chandler was able to place 23rd in the meet with a time of 21:35.78. He was followed by his teammate Woods, who placed 24th with a time of 21:38.00. Foster followed shortly after his teammates, placing 26th with a time of 21:51.90.

The Payette Pirates, as a team, were able to place fourth in the men’s competition, with 105 points, and fifth in the women’s competition, with 145 points. The Pirates senior Jim Ayers, junior Nathan Ayers, and freshman Nico Bergeron were the top performers for the men’s team. J. Ayers managed to place 15th with a time of 20:44.50, who was shortly followed by N. Ayers who placed 16th with a time of 20:46.89. Additionally, Bergeron managed to place 31st with a time of 22:38.85.

The cross country teams will progress through the second half of their seasons leading up to the final meet, districts. Which will be the next opportunity for the athletes to compete against everyone from the district. By the conclusion of the district meet, the top athletes will be chose to represent the district at the state level.

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