PARMA — On Saturday, July 10, athletes from all over the state of Oregon met in Parma, Idaho for the Oregon All State football game. Due to health restriction from COVID-19, the organization Foster Athletics scheduled the game to take place in Idaho. Among these athletes were some local athletes that were given the opportunity to represent their school in the Oregon All State Game presented by Foster Athletics.

Normally, the athletes would be housed on a college campus for the duration of the program, but due to health restriction, they were unable to continue. Consequently, the athletes stayed in the Comfort Inn and Suites hotel in Meridian, Idaho, and were bussed to and from the practice site, as well as to Parma High School for the game.

When the athletes arrived, they checked into the hotel before participating in the first practice of the program. Each day would follow a strict schedule that was put in place that consisted of practice times, dinner, and motivational activities. With the exception of the day that the athletes arrived. They would partake in two separate practices, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They were able to receive adequate rest in between practices, as well as participate in a night activity that was scheduled by Foster Athletics. For example, on Thursday, July 8, the athletes were able to listen to a motivational speech that was given by ten time All American and three time national champion sprinter Charles Clark.

Following the practices and various other activities that were scheduled, the Oregon athletes were transported to Parma High School for the game to take place. The ninth grade game was played in the morning of July 10, whereas the 10th grade game was played in the afternoon. Team Metro managed to win the ninth grade game with the final score of 48-14. Ontario was able to send three athletes to participate in the ninth grade All State Game, such as quarterback Matteo Walker, running back Ethan Hendrickson, and offensive linemen Ben George.

Team Red won the 10th grade All State Game with the final score of 22-0. Ontario managed to send a single athlete to the 10th grade game, wide receiver Matthew Bell, in addition to Nyssa High School sending a single athlete, varsity quarterback Andrew Enders; Enders is a four year participant in the All State Game, including this year.

Enders stated that, “The opportunity to be able to play with that high caliber of athletes and new coaches has always been so much fun. It’s really a cool experience. Whether it be [learning] from the other athletes or coaches, because everyone has a different perspective,” as he continued to mention, “It’s always been so amazing. I’ve always had amazing coaches. It’s always been an amazing experience.” At the end of the interview, Enders added, “Jesus is the only reason I am where I’m at.”

Due to the Oregon All State Game being a charity event, there were no statistics recorded for the game.

In relation to the 9th-10th grade games, the 7th-8th grade teams will be competing on Saturday, July 24, at Parma High School. The seventh grade game will kickoff at 11 a.m., whereas the eighth grade game will kickoff at 2:30 p.m. If you’re interested in checking out the game highlights, or seeking more information about the upcoming game, visit

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