ONTARIO — Earlier in the week, on Thursday, Sept. 9, the Ontario and Weiser men’s soccer teams met in Ontario at Alameda Elementary School fields to compete in a non conference soccer game. The game was a hard fought battle between both teams, according to Ontario head coach Jaime Gonzalez. Ultimately, the game resulted in a tie, 1-1.

Coach Gonzalez had mentioned that the Wolverines had controlled the possession of the ball in the first half. He added that, “Second half, I believe our adjustments made a difference, and we had more opportunities and possessions.”

The first goal of the game came in the 18th minute of the game when Weiser scored their first goal on a free kick, according to Coach Gonzalez who stated, “Their goal came off a free kick. Our own player tried to clear the ball away in the air, but miss headed it… It went into our own goal.”

Wolverines head coach Kathy Bokides added to that by stating, “Ontario scored an own goal in the first half.”

Unlike professional soccer, the high school soccer games are only 80 minutes long, instead of 90 minutes. With that being said, the remainder of the 80 minute game consisted of the two teams competing against each other for possession of the ball and the game’s momentum. Ontario’s tying score came in the 78th minute of the game when, “[The Tigers] grabbed the late tie with a shot from [] Juan Corona [()] that hit the center of the post, and we got the rebound [which was scored] by [] Jesus Hernandez [()].

The late score that brought the game to a tie resulted in the game, as a whole, ending in a tie, 1-1. The score represents how close the game was throughout the entirety of the competition. The two teams will meet, again, later in the season at Weiser High School on Thursday, September 23, as Coach Bokides had stated, “It was a very fun, competitive game. We look forward to hosting Ontario on September 23.”

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