VALE — After having her senior year of softball taken away from her, Sierra Cleaver has signed on to reclaim her time on the field. On Wednesday morning, the Vale second baseman signed her later of intent to join the softball and volleyball teams of College of the Siskiyous.

Cleaver said it was a no-brainer signing with the Eagles, as she had heard a lot of good things about playing for the school.

“A lot of people have went and they really enjoyed playing there. So when I got an offer to play there, I decided I might as well do it,” Cleaver said.

Cleaver said she’s also excited about getting the opportunity to explore a different part of the country, as she’s been in Vale her whole life.

“It’ll be eight hours away from home,” Cleaver said. “It’s going to be exciting because it’s something new. It’s like in the middle of a forrest. Like, it’s just going to be different. And I’m just ready to get out of here.”

Luckily for Cleaver, she will also get a taste of home in Weed, California, as classmates Lexy Rodgers and Jared Fulwyler are also attending College of the Siskiyous.

“That’s going to be nice that I’ll at least know two people there,” Cleaver said. “So I won’t get too homesick, I guess.”

In getting ready for college competition, Cleaver said she wants to work on being an all-around better player. In her time at Vale, Cleaver has been placed in multiple positions, especially on the volleyball court, where she played almost every position.

“Being better all around,” Cleaver said. “I’ve played different positions before. I just want to be a good player that you can put anywhere and I’ll be fine.”

Cleaver said she’ll be studying early childhood education.

Also on Wednesday morning, Rodgers signed her second letter of intent with College of the Siskiyous. In mid-March, Rodgers signed on to join the softball team and in May, she decided to take her offer to also join the volleyball team.

Rodgers said she got a call from Vale volleyball coach Shannon Steele, who said she had received a call from Siskiyous Tom Powers, who said he is struggling to recruit players due to restrictions in place currently from the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

“If he is willing to take me on, I’m willing to play,” Rodgers said. “It just kind of happened. I didn’t expect it but it was a great opportunity and I just took it.”

Rodgers will be studying elementary education.

Nik Streng is the sports reporter for the Argus Observer. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2015 with a master's degree in journalism, after graduating from Pacific University in 2013 with a degree in creative writing.

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