There have been debates recently about the U.S. Covid-19 response and over 200,000 American deaths. But instead of focusing on past successes or failures, it seems our concern NOW should be how to reduce deaths today and tomorrow. Comparing per capita daily death statistics, it is obvious that the U.S. currently has an order of magnitude higher death rate than most other industrialized countries. According to “Our World in Data,” per capita daily (7 day average) deaths as of Sept. 30 were:

United States: 2.24 deaths/ million residents

Italy: 0.32

Canada: 0.22

German: 0.13

South Korea: 0.07

Some say “… it is what it is …” and proceed to do nothing to reduce this American death rate. That seems very unpatriotic. The Declaration of Independence defined Life as the first unalienable right that governments are created to protect. Are those who refuse to do anything to reduce COVID deaths acknowledging that America is some second-rate country? Are those who rant and rave against face coverings saying that all these other countries are better at protecting “unalienable rights” than America? Are those who oppose COVID restrictions acknowledging these other countries have better healthcare systems than the U.S.?

Let’s finally take some pride in America. Stop the partisan B.S. and start really making America great. Be polite and courteous to others whether you agree with them or not. Follow CDC recommendations to protect your neighbors whether you know them or not. Wear face coverings not because it is a rule but because you are a patriot and want to protect the rights of those around you.

The U.S. currently is losing an average of 741 people per day. Simply matching the reduced death rate of these other countries would save about 70,000 American lives between now and New Year’s. Seems worth the effort!

— Dave Potter,


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