I am writing today to show Owyhee Paddle Co.’s support for the Senate Bill 2828, The Malheur Community Empowerment for the Owyhee Act.

As a local business that directly benefits from the amazing and pristine landscape of the Owyhee, we are in support of this bill primarily because it will preserve and improve both the land itself and the access areas to Lake Owyhee and the Owyhee River and other recreation areas which is the heart of our business. Owyhee Paddle Co.’s mission statement includes the stewardship of the outdoor areas that we do business and enjoy to recreate in. As a rental and tour based business we want to see the Owyhee as close as possible to “untouched” so that our customers can continue to see the native plants, animals and geological structures in their most natural form. Owyhee Paddle Co. is all about exploring by way of kayak or stand up paddle board, so the benefits of this bill, such as; designating 14.7 miles of the river as recreational and helping manage invasive species improves recreational opportunities. As paddlers, access to these water ways is a huge privilege and every effort, such as keeping invasive species out, or the preservation of the landscape and culture of the Owyhee, add value to Owyhee Paddle Co., and to all paddlers who take the time to enjoy nature in the Owyhee.

— Colton Stowe,


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