The old saying “The sky is the limit” aptly applies here. What part of all the atmosphere extending for trillions of miles into outer space from the earth does the state of Oregon control? If you can imagine the tiniest speck that would probably represent Oregon’s share of the total atmosphere above the earth.

To think that we would charge people actual money for carbon emissions from them or their possessions that were emitted into this vast atmosphere is unimaginable. Who can measure the actual effect of a carbon particle after it is released into the air?

Carbon emission pollution is more of a local problem, especially in the cities where there are lots of trains, trucks and airplanes running. We have done much to help this with engine design.

Let’s give God some credit for making the earth and its surroundings safe for people to live on. It has served people well for more than 6 million years.

Dick Grigg,


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