I would like to talk about Medicare for all or as I put it a public option for health care. Now, you have heard the stories about how much it will cost, but has anyone told you how much you save? Lets say that you ended up with Medicare for a health care option. Now, as when over 65 you pay 140 a month for this insurance. How much are you paying now?

Now here is another question. If a Public Option as Medicare was mandatory for all Government employees and the Federal, State, Counties and City use the money they now pay for health care it now is paid into the Public Option. I look it up in my county and they have about 9700 employees and it cost about 10,000 a year for their insurance. Now, what do you think the cities in every state are paying? How about how many state employees and what it cost you for their insurance? It’s very possible that if we had a public option, that no your taxes would not go up. Your premiums or your employers premiums would be reduced. Its possible you might even get a pay raise.

Now I ask why are the states not demanding under States Rights to purchase the Medicare for their citizens? If enough states demanded it it would become law.

But, what if Social Security and Medicare were reduced to a total of 3% each. Your employer pays 3% and you pay 3% but lets apply this to 100% of all income. This now not only protects your retirement but it also protects you now and into the future with health insurance. Two studies have been made that show Medicare for all would save up to 5 trillion in 10 years.

Jerry Johnson,


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