If the Oregon Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction seriously wants to reduce carbon, members should stop exhaling two or three hours a day or even two or three days a week!

However, when they do exhale they should be encouraged to do so next to vegetation since growing plants love warm air and carbon dioxide (CO2), which stimulates their growth. All humans exhale CO2 which is actually invisible, odorless and is essential for human and plant life.

Since internationalists and globalists have failed with their past United Nations wealth-distribution schemes using man-made global cooling, then global warming, and no climate change to financially enhance their New World Order plans — beware, they might want to start taxing your every breath. They never give up!

Americans should not allow our elected government representatives to support “climate” and “carbon” scams, which will result in new man-made cap-and-trade taxes. This activity created the recent Paris, France riots. Man-made climate change is a man-made scientific hoax!

Going green is another scam. In green Germany, residential energy customers pay almost three times more than our U.S. average (29 cents per kWh there vs 10.48 cents here). Going green will take more green out of your pocket.

If you are really concerned about the climate, maybe God will answer your prayers.

Charles Morse,



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