In reply to Mr. Carter

Since when is it anti-American to be decent? I was taught you respect the office not the person. Naturally, we can disagree. But where were you when people are harassed when they support a different party? Free speech should be for all Americans including Republicans. In my long life, it is the first time we celebrate bullies.

As a child I remember the films of Nazi mobs burning books, destroying property and burning people. No I see mobs burning property and beating people in America.

How many Democrats have called out the people who are destroying innocent people? Former President Barack Obama had the courage to speak up.

Off the subject, may I express my opinion of the fear I have if the Socialists should take over? I fear an economic disaster. Right now, the USA is the most prosperous in the world. Socialism has never succeeded.

Millions have perished because of it.

For our sake and the sake of the world, we need a strong America. And for all our sake, let us be kind to each other!

Sharon Sutherland,


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