If elections were held today the biggest and best-known two names would be paired against each other again. One would win and I believe America would lose.

President Joe Biden is 80 years old. He will be 82 in 2024, and if re-elected would complete a second term at the age of 86. Former President Donald Trump will turn 80 halfway through a potential second term in office. Needless to say we have never been faced with a government led by octogenarians. I'm sure our founding fathers never anticipated this being a possibility.

Gary Franks served three terms as U.S. representative for Connecticut's 5th District. He was the first Black Republican elected to the House in nearly 60 years and New England's first Black member of the House. Host: podcast "We Speak Frankly." Author: "With God, For God, and For Country." The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily represent those of The Argus Observer.

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