I appreciate Ontario City Councilor Melendrez’ comments of respect and regret that Ontario is losing Police Chief Steven Romero. His leadership of the police department and his high profile participation in local service organizations helped build transparency and trust- essential ingredients for a healthy relationship between police and citizens. He and his family will be missed! I admit I’m concerned that Chief Romero’s notice of departure is happening on the heels of his attempt to locate missing evidence; what evidence was missing, whether it’s been found or if that has anything to do with his decision to resign may remain a mystery.

Without naming names, Councilor Melendrez also voiced citizen concerns about leadership within the city council and the mayor’s office. By voicing those concerns he was doing his job. In spite of receiving immediate negative push-back from Councilor John Kirby and Mayor Riley Hill, he politely persisted and apparently received apologies but with how much sincerity?

Why are so many city department heads leaving? Why would the city council put itself in charge of managing/hiring/firing city employees? Wouldn’t that be the city manager’s responsibility? Is Councilor Melendrez accurate in his assessment that the mayor and some of the counselors appear to be putting their own self-interest ahead of the common good of the city and citizens of Ontario? Is that what ‘The Conservative Choice’ has gotten us?

Mike Miller,


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