To the Editor,

When did peer pressure become a ‘good’ thing?

All my school years we were warned against peer pressure. Kept me away from smoking, drinking and driving, etc., etc.

Now, everybody and their mother has turned into Chicken Little. “Get the Vaccine! Get the Vaccine!”

When did everybody from the governor on down to in-laws, co-workers, religious leaders decide they need to get into my personal life? Here is an opportunity for everyone to be ‘Pro-Choice’. Let the individual make their own decision for what ever reason. If they choose to have the vaccine, fine. If they are against it for whatever reason; religious, side-effects, etc., just as fine.

In Sunday’s Argus (April 18th) it was stated ‘a daily count of 700 cases’. No mention of how mild or extreme these cases are. Many people who test positive have symptoms not worth mentioning, I know so many I’ve lost count.

COVID deaths in Oregon to date are 2,457. The average yearly death count in Oregon due to cancers is over 8,000. Already the year-to-date traffic fatalities is 121 and this is only the fourth month! If you’re going to be afraid of something, which would you choose?

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that there is a vaccine out there. But whether someone gets it or not is still their personal and private decision to make. It’s bad enough the mask, social distancing, and all the rest has been forced on us. The over-blown COVID pandemic has got too many people acting like we’re a Nazi state. What’s next? Neighbors, friends, and family members narking on those who don’t fully comply? Let us be free to at least make this one decision.

Rebecca Murray,


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