Regarding the charter revision:

Currently the charter does not allow the council to be involved in the selection of department heads. Originally the council had directed the city attorney to write the charter amendment so that the City Council hires department heads.

When the council separated that issue from the rest of the charter amendment, the mayor asked the city attorney to include the city manager in the process, but the City Council would still make the selection.

This would result in the city manager losing his/her ability to appoint department heads. That gives the council the right to hire department heads of their choosing. The result is favoritism, cronyism or corruption.

It would lack security for department heads and hinder the city manager’s ability to accomplish or perform his/her duties.

While the city manager still retains the right to fire department heads, its puts the city manager in an untenable situation of firing a department head who the City Council hires.

The city manager does not have the power to put his own team together, but is held responsible for the outcome.

The city attorney’s last meeting could be the Dec. 14 meeting, so it’s likely that the issue will be presented to the council at that time.

The only way to keep this off the ballot is to use your voice and attend the meeting.

Eddy Pearcy-Thiel,

Founder of Citizens Coalition of Ontario and Community

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