I am all for freedom of speech, yet there is a person in my neighborhood with a large flag attached to his truck and parked on a busy highway that states “FBiden” in large letters. Below, in smaller letters, it states “and also fall those who voted for Biden.”

I find this disrespectful to our president, to me, to my neighborhood and to our city. It is “un-American.” While I may or may not agree with this president, or any other one in the past, he is still the president and deserves respect.

Profanity toward the president is uncalled for — it is akin to a threat on the presidency. It is also very un-Christian like. Profanity has no place in politics or in public. How can you explain to a small child what that sign or word means? If I say it, doesn’t the child get to say it, too?

Let’s keep the disrespect and profanity out of politics, and if you are not happy with the elected official, work to elect someone else when their term is up. They are our elected officials.

Michelle Heil-Titus,


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