To The Editor,

Obviously, Mr. C. Shock didn’t read Sheriff Brian Wolfe’s letter to Kate Brown. “COVID-19 Freedom from compliance initiatives,” Sept. 5.

I think common sense went onto life-support sometime after the Reagan Administration and the liberal politicians are doing their utmost best to euthanize it.

I don’t need the government to tell me to wear a seatbelt when I’m traveling in a vehicle. I don’t need the government warning on a carton of cigarettes or on a wine bottle. The government shouldn’t be funding abortions. And the government on any level doesn’t need to tell me to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Common sense allowed people to realize if they didn’t do certain things there were consequences to pay. Personally, I’m a big fan of common sense, and not a fan of the liberal government. I don’t need the government telling me to do this or do that to lead a healthy life. I can figure that out on my very own, thank you very much.

Everyone I know is doing their best to get through this pandemic. We’re all getting weary of the restrictions (not to mention all the visuals of needles being jabbed into biceps on TV), but we don’t want to get sick. Sheriff Wolfe is not asking us not to get the vaccine. He’s merely trying to protect our rights to make that decision for ourselves. Many have and continue to do so.

When government takes over complete care of our individual health what is next? Government funded euthanasia for the old folks?

Where are we going to draw the line to keep our freedoms? Think about it.

Rebecca Murray,


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