It is amazing how freely politicians lie. So it was with Sheriff Wolfe’s letter regarding the mask mandate. Decide for yourself:

Sheriff: It’s not government’s place to mandate regarding health.

Fact: The Constitution Preamble indicates that a PRIMARY reason for government is to “promote general Welfare”, i.e. health and safety.

Sheriff: Mandates are unconstitutional.

Fact: The Supreme Court upheld health mandates for the common good (1905 Jacobson v Mass). Common good means that one person’s liberty should not injure another — the very concept behind laws against theft, assault, murder ...

Sheriff: A person’s conduct should be based on personal choices and not forced by government.

Fact: Abortion (a woman’s right to choose), drunk driving, prostitution and drugs like Meth are all such personal choices. Does the Sheriff support allowing all those, too?

Sheriff: Any sheriff has the right to choose what laws or orders he will implement.

Fact: Oregon Constitution Article VII, Section 16 establishes the Sheriff as an administration office with the responsibility to “perform such duties as may be prescribed by law” and with discretion only in resource allocation.

Sheriff: All science is political ideation.

Fact: There are innumerable studies on masks and vaccines. Studies from universities and medical organizations instead of government agencies. Propagandist have to discount all science simply because they have NO science or facts supporting their position.

How have attitudes like the sheriff’s worked out? Malheur County per-capita COVID-19 death rate is 217/100,000 while the State’s overall is 77/100,000. Malheur has THREE TIMES the state’s rate! About 43 people dead possibly because some people chose not to wear masks.

Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated should be common courtesy. Wearing a mask should be your responsibility as a good citizen. Ignore the LIES and show common courtesy to others.

David Potter,


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