To The Editor,

Comedy and humor are fickle things. Even the funniest of jokes will grow stale and lose all power of making one laugh if it’s told too many times. Obviously this is a concept Craig Carter can’t seem to grasp.

Why must he use up valuable space in the paper with the same overused so-called humor?

Okay, we get it. The whole JFK Jr./Dealey Plaza story was humorous in its own pathetic odd right. But, come on, Mr. Carter, give us a break.

Your attempt to be funny with always referring to Mr. Trump as ‘the one-term president’ crashed and burned a long time ago. And really, you don’t have anything better to do (and maybe even write about) than finding stories about far-right fanatics? Or maybe you truly believe all conservatives are like that?

There are fanatics in just about every vocation, be it religion, politics, etc. There’s even those fanatics that still think Biden’s doing an extraordinary job. 39% in the latest poll, last I heard.

Maybe, Mr. Carter, you should look further east for new material. At the circus in Washington, D.C., and the clown who’s in charge. My money, for what that’s worth these days, is on having another one-term president and then you’d have to differentiate by addressing them each by name.

Rebecca Murray,


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