This letter is for people, who don’t understand what the charter is about and the importance of being involved in the decision-making.

1. The charter is like our constitution. The city council has to abide by it. And it definitely needed to be updated.

2. If we do not attend the council meetings when this is presented and voted on, the council does not take us seriously.

3. The committee is an ad-hoc committee meaning temporary or short-term. It consists of six members, three council members and three citizens. The selection of the members are to be made by the council. However, this one was selected by the mayor. The three council members were new to the council. The citizens were solicited by the mayor. We know this because one applicant put it on her application the reason for applying was because the mayor asked her to.

4. When we did our live feed with Councilor Ken Hart, head of the committee, I specifically asked him if the committee planned on making changes to the city managers duties. And he said no.

5. When the committee went public with it, the mayor then purposed strongly that it be changed.

6. The change he wants is for the council to do all the hiring of the staff.

7. The current charter forbids the council from even interfering at any level with the hiring of department heads.

8. The reason is so elected officials do not push to have their friends fill positions, who may have undue influence in the discharge of their duties.

9. Department heads need to be able to do their jobs without political influence.

10. We have been told by outside sources that the moral of the staff is low because of this.

The council did not accept all the proposed changes at its meeting on Aug. 24, and another will come soon. Please watch for this item on agendas for future council meetings.

Eddy Thiel,


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