Ontario City Hall

This photo shows the Ontario City Hall.


The city of Ontario is holding its budget hearing at the end of the month according to Ontario Finance Director Kari Ott.

She said in a email on Tuesday morning that the members of the budget committee that are now listed on the city’s website are not current. The listing will be updated at a later time.

There is still one opening to serve on the budget committee, according to City Manager Adam Brown, during a phone interview this morning. Those who would like to apply can visit the city of Ontario’s website and look for an application under the ‘Boards and Committees’ tab, he said.

As with all city committees, per Ontario ordinance, only people with no outstanding debt to the city will be considered.

“At this point, this is the schedule of meetings: We are planning on having a preliminary budget committee meeting on January 26, 2021,” wrote Ott.

The exact time of the meeting was not available at this time.

She went on to say how the budget committee meetings will be scheduled later.

“Budget committee meetings going over the 21-22 budget is scheduled for March 9, 10 & 11,” wrote Ott.

Leslie Thompson contributed to this article.

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