HUNTINGTON — Three of the Huntington City Council members who were subject to a recall election on Tuesday were retained by city voters, according to results posted by the Baker County Clerk’s office.

Councilor Cindy Deck lost her seat by a vote of 91 to 75.

Staying on the council are Mayor Candy Howland on a vote of 98 to 70; Councilor Richard Cummings on a vote of 99 to 70; and Councilor John McLean, who was retained by the largest margin on a vote of 106 to 60.

According to information from the ballot, the four council members were accused of an inability to keep city office workers, “violations of public records law,” “allowing unbonded persons to handle city funds,” “allowing volunteers access to confidential information,” an inability by one of the council members to work with office staff.

It was unknown by press time what will be done to replace Deck.

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