VALE — The main thing was to have fun, while learning something about film making, during the “Crash Course in Film Making,” held Wednesday in Vale, sponsored by the Drexel H. Foundation.

And it is a crash course as it is squeezed into about two hours. Afraid of not being able to memorize the script? No worries, the dialogue is made up as you go and the crazier a person can adlib, the better. Wearing crazy costumes is also part of the experience.

Professional filmmaker Phill Stucker, who was teaching the course, told the dozen or so participants, ranging in age from elementary school to high school, that professional films don’t start out perfect either as a way to ease their minds.

The film being made Wednesday was focused on superheros, and of course, there were villains for the heroes to fight off.

The plot created at the start was that the villains, including “Payette Pirate,” Roadkill Randy” and “Brass” were in Vale to capture the murals on their cellphones and take them back to Payette.

The super-heros on hand to fight them off and save the murals were “Heart Girl,” “Solar Man,” “The Hacker” and “Flower Girl.”

Scenes in the film were shot around Vale and in the Rex Theater, with scenes with the heroes and villains shot separately, until the fight scenes at the end. Stucker said this was quite common in Hollywood movies, as some actors are unaware they are in the same movie with another actor until the movie comes out.

With the shooting now complete, the movie will now be edited and make its debut during the Foundation’s Film Festival Sept. 14.

Crash course participants, past and present, are encouraged to enter their own films into the festival which is a competition. Deadline for submissions is Sunday.

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Larry Meyer is a reporter for the Argus Observer.

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