VALE—The Vale City Council, with three members present, voted Tuesday to impose a tax on the sale of marijuana and marijuana-infused products in the city.

Like an ordinance currently before the Ontario City Council, Vale’s ordinance would impose a 5 percent tax on gross sale of medical marijuana and 10 percent of gross sales of recreational marijuana.

A second reading of the ordinance was waived, so action by the Vale Council was completed in one session. There is a 30-day waiting period before the ordinance goes into effect.

The ordinance establishes a tax on gross receipts from marijuana in Vale. It would take effect before recreational marijuana sales begin Dec. 4, if Oregon voters approve ballot Measure 91 on Tuesday. That measure would legalize the production, sale and use of recreational marijuana in Oregon and would establish a state tax on marijuana sales.

Measure 91 also includes language saying no county or city in Oregon shall impose a fee or tax on marijuana. However, a number of cities have adopted or are considering their own gross receipts taxes on marijuana sale.

Nyssa’s City Council earlier this month unanimously approved a motion not to establish a tax on marijuana. Councilor Diego Castellanoz said imposing a tax on marijuana would be wrong, because it would send a message that the city was accepting it.

In other action Tuesday, the Vale City Council passed by the first reading of an ordinance requiring that owners or managers of vacant or foreclosed properties maintenance those properties so they are not a nuisance, a fire hazard or detract from adjoining properties.

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