Vale City Hall

This photo shows Vale City Hall, which is located on 252 B St. West.

VALE — On Friday, the Vale City Council chose to make decisions regarding the governing of the city for the short term, choosing to make longterm plans for city leadership at future meetings.

The council met in special session to discuss city leadership following the resignation of former City Manager Russell Kirkpatrick at the end of Tuesday’s regular city council meeting. He had been city manager since March.

During Friday’s discussion, discord among city staff during his tenure was alluded to.

For the interim, the council chose two familiar people already in city government to be the leaders. They are Katy Lamb, who will act as interim city manager and has been serving as city budget officer; and City Recorder Marea Hartwell. Lamb had just retired as city manager.

In the initial discussion, it was proposed that Hartwell be interim city manager, with assistance from Lamb. Hartwell said she had already been performing several duties of the city manager under Kirkpatrick.

“I feel I can do it,” Hartwell said.

Lamb said in being retired she is restricted on what she can earn but that could be worked out and it was decided Hartwell will be the lead when Lamb is not at city hall.

“We work ready well together,” Lamb said.

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