ONTARIO — If you have an extra few minutes in June, and once Bluebird Express Car Wash’ new facilities off of I-84 are open for business, you have enough time for a carwash through its state-of-the-art tunnel.

“Did you know that as a customer you will only spend three minutes inside our tunnel? That means you will have a clean car in only about three minutes,” wrote John Michael Fery, operating partner for Bluebird Express Car Wash, in an email Wednesday. “We anticipate that this location will be opening its doors in the first part of June. Once we have a date finalized we will nail down a date for the grand opening.”

The team at Bluebird Express, according to Fery, is excited to bring their business to Ontario, firstly because, “It is a very strong community with excellent growth potential.”

Secondly, “We also see a great opportunity to fill a market void on two fronts, we deliver an excellent product for the price, and we have an opportunity to bring exceptional customer service to a community that appreciates it.”

When asked what his favorite part of running a car wash business is, Fery said, “My absolute favorite part of the car wash business is watching my customers leave overjoyed with the quality of their wash and even happier with the level of customer service that they have received.”

How did he get his start in the car wash business?

“When I was sixteen years old, I started a mobile car detailing company. What began as an attempt to avoid a real summer job, transformed into a passion for an industry and ultimately a career. After a few summers of running the business I left for college and I began to manage the business remotely while I went to school, interned for a Real Estate Development company and a Real Estate Investment bank. With a crew of six people working for me and over 100 actively returning clients each summer we had found a niche in the Boise market.” Fery said

He moved from Denver, back to Boise and said the following of his relocation:

“The foundations of my mobile detailing business coupled with my experience in commercial real estate transformed in to the opportunity to build, own, and operate the Nation’s Largest Express Car Wash in Denver, Colorado. After an exceptionally successful start to my career in the Express Car Wash business in Denver I have returned to Idaho and Oregon to continue my passion for clean cars and happy customers.”

Fery offers some tips for keeping your car clean.

“Beyond the obvious of coming to visit Bluebird Express when we are open, we will have free mat washing machines, free vacuums, and free air to keep your tires filled and your dash clean of dust!” In other words, Fery continued, “Here is my favorite clean car hack: I purchase a few small part organizers from Home Depot, commonly used for screws and bolts, and use it to keep my center console and jockey box organized. It’s a very small thing that costs less than $2, but you will be amazed at how remarkably clean and organized your vehicle will become.”

Fery said as with everything they do at Bluebird, their goal to change and challenge their customers’ expectations of what a car wash is. To do that, he continued, “We must find great real estate, install the best equipment and most cutting edge technology available, and most importantly we must invest in our people to deliver a customer experience unlike anything out there.”

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