Rosa Parks

This photo of Rosa Parks was taken in 1955.

1 *Around here, back then* On this day back in 2009, the Argus reported that North Oregon Street’s stimulus project was nearing completion with the north end of the street receiving the finishing touches.

2 In 1955, on this day, Rosa Parks refused to leave her bus seat and surrender it to another passenger per the segregation laws of the time. Parks was arrested for the incident which led to a 381-day boycott of the city bus system in Montgomery, Alabama, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., according to Britannica.

3 Happy Birthday to Bette Midler! The star of such films as “Beaches,” “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” “Outrageous Fortune,” and, of course, “Hocus Pocus,” was born on this day in 1945, according to Britannica.

4 According to National Day Calendar, today is National Eat a Red Apple Day! Green and yellow apples need not apply today.

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