3 Things About Today - Aug. 15, 2019

This studio photograph of Mohandas K. Gandhi, London, was taken in 1931, and is credited to Elliott & Fry.

  1. On this day in 1947, Mohandas Gandhi led the Indian independence movement to achieving its goal of establishing India as a free and independent country. This action ended almost 200 years of British rule, according to Britannica.
  2. Also on this day in 2013, the discovery of the olinguito was announced by Smithsonian scientists. The animal is the first carnivore species to be found and described in the American continents in over 35 years. These small animals live among the trees in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador, according to information posted online by Britannica.
  3. Happy 29th birthday, Jennifer Lawrence! The Oscar-winning actress and star of “The Hunger Games” movies was born on this day in 1990.
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