Theme for homecoming week at Ontario High School is 'Midnight Forest'

Ontario High School is pictured in this photo from June of 2017.

ONTARIO — The Ontario School Board of Directors received a report about homecoming activities at Ontario High School during its meeting on Monday. The news was delivered via Zoom from OHS student and Associate Student Body President Trinity Farr.

Farr told the board that this year’s theme for homecoming was ‘Midnight Forest,’ and that all voting for the court members had taken place, and newly elected court members had been notified.

She then provided information for Spirit Week.

Monday’s after-school activity is dodge ball. Tuesday is Hawaiian day and students were encouraged by Farr to go support the school’s soccer teams.

Wednesday will be a meme/vine day followed by powderpuff football as the after-school activity.

Thursday will be career day, with volleyball as the after-school activity.

Friday will be class colors day, and then students will then have the opportunity to support the Ontario Tigers football team during its homecoming game that gets underway at 7 p.m., at the Ontario High School.

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