Theatre chain rep provides update on local location

The marquee of the Ontario Luxe Reel Theater displays a message in March of 2020 regarding the theater chain’s decision to temporary close their locations in response to the on-going public health crisis.


For the time being, the Ontario Reel Theatre will remain closed while the chain works to other locations.

In a news release from Reel Theatres, sent out on Dec. 28, it was announced that the Luxe Reel Theatre in Eagle, Idaho, “which was forced to close its doors in March due to the pandemic” reopened as of the following day, Dec. 29 thanks to the passage of the COVID Relief Bill.

The release stated that this location was “at risk of permanently closing” as a result of having to follow guidelines for limited seating capacity as well as major film studios’ decisions to cancel or postpone the releases of their new films.

The Luxe Reel Theatre movie theatre chain is known locally in Ontario for its 8-screen complex located at 477 S.E. 13th St. That location is temporarily closed due to the current statewide mandate for gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moviegoers seeking out new cinematic experiences in Ontario will have to wait a while longer, the newspaper learned more about the Ontario location reopening following an email response from Eldon Sorensen, corporate business manager at Casper Industries, the parent company of the Reel Theatre chain.

Sorensen said that the company is committed to the reopening of the Ontario location “as soon as a number of things occur.” He explained that the first thing needing to happen is the State of Oregon lifting the restrictions pertaining to larger gatherings for public places.

The second thing is for the film companies to “release new movies to the market much of which is dependent upon the first item cited.”

“The third item is related to the recently passed legislation and that the President signed off on just after Christmas. Within that legislation are specific funds earmarked to support medium to small movies theater chains as well as live theater stages. These grant monies if substantial enough could allow us to reopen also,” wrote Sorensen.

He went on to say that the company must apply for these funds and that they will have to see how much the financial support they receive will actually turn out to be.

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