Land to be used for sprint boat races at Ontario Municipal Airport

The 10 acres that R & R Promotions LLC will use at Ontario Municipal Airport in 2022 for three sprint boat racing events.

Last week the Ontario City Council approved a contract with R&R Promotions LLC that will bring three sprint boat racing events to the Ontario Municipal Airport in spring of 2020.

Promoter Ron Dillon had first brought forth the proposal at the city councils July 13 meeting but was asked to come back at a future date with a written proposal that includes all the pertinent financial information, as well as details regarding liability insurance.

Dillon then returned with a commitment to share the greater of $3,000 or 4% of the gate fee for each event.

Dillon also had his liability insurance adjusted to $10 million aggregate and $1 million per occurrence.

He also agreed to be responsible for the maintenance of the grass areas within the 10 acre race and spectator area.

Dillon said he will return the property to pre-event condition after the completion of the contract.

In addition to the aforementioned items after much discussion with Mr. Dillon and the council it was decided to amend a motion put forth by Councilor Eddie Melendrez, by adding a reclamation bond and that the city would not be responsible should their be a lack of water for the event.

The council then voted to approved the amendment followed by a vote of the original motion by Melendrez.

The sprint boat racing events will take place on the following dates in 2022: May 20-21, June 17-18 and Sept., 30-Oct. 1.

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