Splash Park bathroom construction

Work started on bathrooms at the future site of a splash pad at Ontario’s Lions Park in about October of 2018, as seen in this photo from November of 2018.

ONTARIO — Ontario’s City Council approved the renovation of Wayne C. King Memorial Skate Park’s restroom facility and awarded the bid for construction to Holcom Construction.

During the meeting, City Manager Adam Brown informed the Council that $100,000 had been allotted for skate park facility renovations. This money was leftover from the original State Parks and Recreation grant the city applied for to get the splash park built.

Brown said that in meeting with the Recreation District regarding the skate park restroom upgrade, the original idea was to forego a restroom remodel in lieu of spending money toward a “sun shade” for the area. After a few more meetings, Brown stated that the Recreation District said they are “supportive of this” and explained that they would be willing to give up to $16,000 toward the project, provided that the city take on the rest of the cost.

Attending via conference call, City Engineer Betsy Roberts said that the only bid that was received was from Holcom Construction and that after some negotiations, they “took out some features” bringing the overall cost of the project to $110,602 total. Some of the features in question being an overhead skylight, other features were not specified.

“This is just a summertime restroom,” said Roberts.

Brown said that the facility will be open during the day, but being locked down at night.

The Council approved the bid to Holcom Construction in the amount of $100,000 with the condition that the Recreation District will supply $10,602 to make up the remainder of the total cost of $110,602.

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