ADA COUNTY — A plea hearing has been scheduled for an area man who is facing multiple felony charges after allegedly distributing personal images of a woman without her consent.

Jason Simonson, of Parma and formerly of New Plymouth, had an arraignment on Wednesday afternoon in front of Judge Peter Barton of Ada County. He is facing four felony counts of video voyeurism and one felony count of intimidating a witness. He also has a misdemeanor count of a no contact order violation.

Simonson is scheduled to enter a plea on Jan. 29.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Ada County Prosecuting Attorney Jan Bennetts, Simonson distributed nude photographs of a woman to four people on Feb. 7.

The criminal complaint alleges that Simonson did so intentionally with “the intent to annoy, terrify, threaten, intimidate, harass, offend, humiliate or degrade” the woman in the images.

The complaint also states that “the image should remain private and when the defendant knew or reasonably should have known that the person depicted in the image did not consent” to the distribution.

For the count of intimidating a witness, the complaint alleges that Simonson did “willfully intimidate, threaten, and/or harass” the woman whose images he distributed.

For the no contact order violation, Simonson allegedly had contact with the woman whose images he distributed. She had a no contact order placed on Simonson, stemming from a domestic violence incident in 2018. Simonson was sentenced to one year in Payette County Jail for violating a previous no contact order on the defendant. The sentencing was on Feb. 7, the same day the criminal complaint alleges the images were distributed.

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